Unique Ultima Experiences

Ultima Antarctic Expeditions welcomes the opportunity to design, with our adventurous guests, a wide range of personal, tailored expeditions and experiences, perfectly suited to your desires, tastes and needs!

Watch: Eloping to Antarctica.
The Ultimate Adventure

Antarctic Weddings and Events

Tailored Experiences

In the remote expanse of Antarctica, Ultima Antarctic Expeditions crafts an unforgettable special occasion tailored just for you. Picture a special celebration amidst the vast, untouched wilderness, where the crisp Antarctic air carries whispers of adventure and possibility. Whether it’s an intimate wedding ceremony or a unique expedition to explore hidden ice caves, each moment is curated to captivate the senses and ignite the spirit of exploration in Antarctica. With Ultima Antarctic Expeditions, your dreams take flight in this enchanting landscape.

In the Seasons past, we have hosted the following exhilarating personal expeditions: