The Emperor Penguins Expedition

There are only a few places remaining this season, in which you will immerse yourself in Antarctica over seven days and seven nights.



Per person

USD 32 000

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Departs from

Cape Town


Nov 12-20 / Nov 20-28 / Nov 28-Dec 5 / Dec 5-12 / Dec 12-20 / Dec 20-28

Your Expedition Experience

What will you experience?

This expedition includes ALL of the experiences in The Ultima Day, plus far more. In addition to your visits to the Antarctic Ice Wall, the Antarctic Ice Tunnel, the Continental Ice Shelf, this is your chance to take to the skies above Antarctica, in search of the Emperor Penguins colony. Our ski-equipped aircraft will fly past Queen Maud Land’s mighty mountain ranges, the Antarctic Ice Cap, deep crevasses and icebergs on the horizon. 

The Highlight

Visit the emperor
penguin colony

Your expedition flight will land at a remote penguin colony where the majestic Emperor Penguins spend the early Antarctic Summer. Within the strictest guidelines to protect these creatures, a short walk will take us to within sight of the largest of all penguins on Earth, measuring up to 122cm in height, and 40kg in weight, the size of a small adult human.

The colony consists of fluffy chicks, awaiting their parents’ return from the ocean with a fresh meal, couples re-uniting with each other and huddling against each other for warmth, or occasionally bathing in the Antarctic sunshine.

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Watch: The Ice Wall

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Watch: The Ice Caves

Where will you stay?

Ultima Oasis Camp

Throughout your time in Antarctica, you will overnight in our Ultima Oasis Camp, which offers delicious food and comfortable surroundings, while you rest between the seven days’ excursions and explore the camp’s surrounds – mountains, lakes, snow and ice, as you are immersed in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Are you ready for the ultimate journey to Antarctica?

You are now within reach of mesmerizing landscapes, pristine snow, massive glaciers, sparkling-blue ice caves, howling blizzards and wild, rugged mountains. We anticipate you will have many questions regarding these journeys. Please complete the form below, or contact us by email or phone, and one of our experienced staff will answer all your questions.Enquire below to book your seat!

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