Ultima Oasis Camp

Situated approximately 12km, or 30 minutes’ drive from Novo Air Base, the Ultima Oasis Camp is an oasis of quality comfort, cosy warmth and delicious fare, in from the cold. The camp gazes east, affording magnificent views of a sheltered ice valley and pristine lake, beneath an amphitheatre of rocky nunatak

About the Oasis Camp

Three beautifully-appointed wooden cabins offer an exquisite refuge, from even the iciest blizzards and bitter cold. The character is intimate and personal, as the camp sleeps just 20 guests.

Rooms in the cabins are of varying sizes, to accommodate individuals, couples, pairs or groups – depending on their preferences, and based on availability. Bathrooms are shared between rooms, and kept spotless.

Lounge and Dining Cabin

Dining is communal, as expeditioners share the day’s exhilarating experiences in the Lounge & Dining Cabin, where hearty meals are prepared by the dedicated camp chef and serving assistants. Meals are tailored to dietary requirements, and may be accompanied by a range of carefully-selected South African wines and a full bar of beverages, teas and freshly-ground coffees.

Expansive bay windows keep the glorious views permanently in sight, lit by the never-setting sun, as guests relax and restore from the day’s adventure.

Activities to enjoy
around the camp

Activities around the camp include a range of guided hikes or gentle walks, up into the nunatak crags, or to the edge of the mesmerising continental ice shelf, with distant views north over endless ice.

Our adventurers can even enjoy an invigorating sauna and ice bath, after a day of exploration.

Stunning wooden decks out front offer a unique setting for contemplation in the Antarctic sunshine.

On every foray from the Ultima Oasis Camp, safety is paramount, and guides carefully equip guests with appropriate gear.