The South Pole and Emperors Expedition

Journey to the most southernly point on Earth with Ultima Antarctic Expeditions, spending seven days and nights in the world’s most isolated wilderness. Limited spaces available!


7 days / 7 nights

Per person

USD 75 000

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Departs from

Cape Town

Your Expedition Experience

What will you experience?

This is Ultima Antarctic Expedition’s most popular adventure, to the most southernly point on Earth. You will experience ALL the activities of The Ultima Day, AND The Emperor Penguins expedition – PLUS the greatest of all: An expedition to the Geographic South Pole.

This expedition will encompass seven days and nights and transport you from the sunny skies of Cape Town to a chance meeting with the most remote and majestic penguins in the world, the Emperor Penguin, and a finale at the most-southerly point on earth, the Geographic South Pole.

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Journey to the
Geographic South Pole

More than one hundred years have passed since Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s last expedition reached the Geographical south Pole. Since then, there have been two great wars and many smaller ones that brought countless examples of courage and self-sacrifice.

In peacetime, man has sought new frontiers in exploration, especially under the sea and in outer space. Yet the story told in Captain Scott’s diaries does not date because it is about courage of individuals in appalling circumstances. It is as timeless as the human spirit itself.

On this distant continent, high on the Antarctic plateau, there is no sign of life. Birds do not fly this far south. Animals have not visited the South Pole since the days of the explorers when dogs were the method of transport for equipment and food.

Humans, however, are a different matter. Ultima Antarctic Expeditions created an opportunity for private adventurers to stand at the bottom of the earth at the Geographical South Pole and continues the program today.

Whether those who choose to venture this far south come to seek scientific data, to climb and ski or just wonder at this incredible continent and enjoy the experience for all that it is, all remain transient visitors. Each of us comes away inspired.

To stand on the Geographic South Pole at 90 degrees latitude is as significant today as it was for Scott and his men so many years ago. You will return with a marvelous story and cherished memories.

On our return journey, we land at our Expedition Depot at FD83, where we overnight in tents, warm in your polar-rated sleeping bags, while our pilots rest.

Where will you stay?

Ultima Oasis Camp

Throughout your time in Antarctica, you will overnight in our Ultima Oasis Camp, which offers delicious food and comfortable surroundings, while you rest between the seven days’ excursions. The Emperor Penguins Expedition offers time to explore the camp’s surrounds – mountains, lakes, snow and ice, as you are immersed in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Did you know?

Fact file: The South Pole

  • Roald Amundsen and his team of 4 men were the first people to reach the South Pole on 14 December 1911
  • Temperatures in the summer months can reach a high of -20°C (-2°F). During winter the temperature will plummet to -60°C (-76°F)
  • At 90°South the altitude is over 9,000ft (2,700 m)
  • The ice at the South Pole is over 1 mile (1.6 km) deep before reaching the land mass below.
  • The USA maintains a scientific base at the Geographical South Pole named Amundsen- Scott Station

Are you ready for the ultimate journey to Antarctica?

You are now within reach of mesmerizing landscapes, pristine snow, massive glaciers, sparkling-blue ice caves, howling blizzards and wild, rugged mountains. We anticipate you will have many questions regarding these journeys. Please complete the form below, or contact us by email or phone, and one of our experienced staff will answer all your questions.

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