The Ultima Day Expedition

This is the astonishing opportunity to visit Antarctica, and return, within just 24 hours – a magical taste of the world’s most isolated wilderness.


24 hours

Price Per Person

USD 10 000

Terms & conditions apply

Departs from

Cape Town


Nov 1 / Nov 12 / Nov 20 / Dec 5 / Dec 20 / Jan 11 / Jan 21 / Feb 12

About The Ultima Day

Your Expedition Experience

Our Ultima Day Expedition begins by departing Cape Town International Airport in the early morning. After a 6-hour flight, we land on our blue ice runway. Our Expedition Camp is an Antarctic launch-pad, where explorers, engineers and scientists arrive and prepare their journey into the great Antarctic wilderness. On your arrival, you will join many of them in the dining hall for a hot meal.

What you will do and see

We will board our purpose-built Toyota Hilux and begin your journey into the pristine white wilderness of the Antarctic interior. Travelling across the snow and ice, to reach an astonishing natural artwork: an Antarctic Ice Wall. With the support of our experienced polar guide, we set foot out on to the blue ice, and into this ice cathedral, carved into the ice by long-gone icy waters.

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Antarctic Ice Cave

This requires a 90-minute hike, in each direction, down to the Continental Ice Shelf. The frozen whiteness which stretches as far as the eye can see and beyond. Down on the ice, a sacred pilgrimage follows, into an enchanting blue ice-cavern, reflecting every conceivable hue of blue.

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Antarctic Ice Wall

This is your opportunity for a first-hand experience of an ancient ice formation, which towers above, as we walk through an exhilarating valley of ice.

Back at the Ultima Oasis Camp

We end the day with a celebration back at the scientific base and chat with like-minded explorers to complete a day trip to Antarctica never to be forgotten. With photographs taken, goodbyes shared we take to the skies again, for our return flight to Africa! Landing in sight of Table Mountain closes a magical 24 hours, like no other.

Are you ready for the ultimate day in Antarctica?

You are now within reach of mesmerizing landscapes, pristine snow, massive glaciers, sparkling-blue ice caves, howling blizzards and wild, rugged mountains. We anticipate you will have many questions regarding these journeys. Please complete the form below, or contact us by email or phone, and one of our experienced staff will answer all your questions.

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